Friday, July 22, 2005


For years, I though that my soulmate would be the woman who would make me feel complete. My literal other half that would make me whole and quiet my spirit.

I found that she was the one I would spend the rest of my life striving to be worthy of.

I thought love was an emotion, a feeling: sweaty palms and a dry mouth and an aching yearning. I found it was an action. Love is something that you do and show every day.

I call her the keeper of my sanity. Sometimes my world is ugly. I'm paid to deal with things and people that most people pretend don't exist. There are dark memories in my mind and heart, memories of brutality and selfishness and sheer waste. To know that I can come home, look at her and KNOW that on balance the world is a good place is powerful. I never doubt who I am working for and who I want to make proud.

Reading the Blog of one of my friends( )Steve wrote that our mates are our mirror images. That we fall in love with what we are. If so, I am a damn fine person.

Eighteen years and counting. Still loving you, K