Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Silly Games

Since the kids were babies, we would play "Pounce". The idea is to sneak up on each other and suddenly leap in the air, grabbing your prey and yelling "Pounce!". I would stalk the kids and they would stalk me.

The kids are too grown up to play Pounce now, at the ages of 12 and 14. Not Dad, though. I still play.

Lately, I've been driving my son nuts by talking to myself while stalking him.

Slowly, stealthily, I sneak to the table where he is making notes for a role-playing game. He catches a reflection in the sliding glass door and says, "I see you, Dad. Knock it off."

"Ah," I say out loud, "the wary prey has noticed the reflection of the predator. The predator holds perfectly still, knowing that herd animals are weak and stupid and will soon forget the imminent threat."

"Dad, I can hear you. You're talking out loud. Go away. And I'm not weak and stupid."

"The prey, hoping to discourage the predator, makes weak bleats of protest. Secure in the stupidity of his prey, the predator slowly advances."

"Mom! Dad's gonna pounce me and he's doing that stupid talking out loud while he does it. Make him stop."

"Once again, helpless, the prey squeels for aid from an uncaring world. Soon, very soon, he will be but another nutritious meal provided by nature in the bloody struggle for survival."

He finally turns on me, trying to keep a straight face. "Dad, you are a very silly man who doesn't understand the concept of inner monologue. I see you and I hear you. Knock it off."


Tickling ensues.

It's a silly game, but it's really funny.


The Moody Minstrel said...'ve just given me a wonderful idea!

(What's the Japanese word for "pounce"...hmm...dictionary...)

Anonymous said...

you are one crazy dad! i play a variation of your game on my 2 year old daughter and she loves it! i hope to stretch it out as long as you have! great blog btw!