Monday, August 07, 2006

Insufficient Tactical Girth

I have three belts. Not in my closet. I have three duty belts for work. One is for inside the jail. One is for outside the jail, which we call "Uncontrolled Environments- UNET" and one is for tactical operations.

The jail belt is no problem: Cuffs, radio, pager, Cell, gloves, hobble, CPR mask, flashlight, OC.

The UNET belt is the problem. I'm qualified with and either should or am required to carry: Sidearm, two extra magazines, taser, asp, radio, pager, cell, handcuffs, hobble, seat-belt knife, gloves, CPR mask, flashlight (I have one on my ASP, but should carry a tactical light in another pouch that attaches to my sidearm) and OC.

I don't like putting hard things over my kidneys or spine. In addition, with a level III holster, nothing can be positioned directly behind the handgun or you won't be able to draw it. There is not enough room on my belt to carry all the stuff I am required to carry. I suffer from Insufficient Tactical Girth.

The Tactical Belt is another thing- all the above plus another handgun mag, a rifle mag pouch, a protective mask and a number of assorted toys... but it's attached to a vest and the handgun sits in a drop holster with the tac-light attached so it's really less of a problem.

But sadly, I'm not fat enough to be a well-equipped officer. ITG.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Is this an unintended commentary on the average fitness of Americans these days?

Anonymous said...

I remember you telling me about this before. And your comment that a bandolier would alleviate this problem, but that bandoliers were considered by the PHBs (pointy-haired bosses) as "too intimidating" and thus unacceptable. And I agree with you that if _looking_ intimidating means you don't have to physically engage the bad guys that ought to be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

That's why we have 'chasers' and 'cleaners'. Chasers are usually the youngsters, like yourself, who are fit enough to sprint after bad guys, in the dark, across fields and over fences. Chasers carry minimum gear. Cleaners (like myself) are old timers who drive around the block and wait for the chasers to run the bad guys towards us. If done right, you can be in position so the bad guy runs right into the back of your car. As a cleaner, i carry: taser and 2 cartridges, glove pouch, hobble pouch, asp, OC, sidearm and 2-mag pouch, CPR mask, leatherman tool, knife, flashlight, leather (supposedly needle-proof) 2-cuff case, cell phone and radio. And I still have room from kidney to kidney - ah, the joys of tactical girth!!