Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lots to catch up on and lots to write about. It's been over a week and in that time there was one tactical call-out; I planned and taught a seminar; taught a DT class; interviewed potential new members for both the tactical team and the Crisis Negotiation Team; designed questions for the interviews; started reading Epictetus' Discourses; had good talks with family and friends, (including the erstwhile Friday Student- always good insight); a friend was shot (not related to the tactical call-out and why is this not at the top of the list?)... all on top of usual duties and investigations.

Other than vegetating before falling asleep, this feels like the first time I have sat down in about ten days. It feels good. Tactical call-outs are always bad events, interviewing recruits is always very stressful for them and you feel a little cruel doing it (and part of the interview process for these posts is to ramp stress up, because that is a critical factor in what they are volunteering to do)... and there is certainly no good way to find out that a friend is in the hospital, shot on a SWAT operation.

Yet it feels good. I feel useful and necessary in a very real way, something I miss when the office starts to crowd in.

It also gives me more to think about and thus, to write...

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