Saturday, March 15, 2008


Sunday at 1400 (yes, a mere two days from now) I'll be teaching a seminar at Jeff Standish's "A Martial Arts Club" in Marysville Washington. It's kind of last minute, but it originally started as a trip to the Seattle area to say prospective good-byes to some friends.

One of those friends, John Darby, asked if he could set up a seminar. Sure. Whatever. John Bossert asked for the joint lock class. I think I vaguely remember that stuff...

So the talk part will cover the seven stages; the physical part entries, locking and probably environmental fighting. I don't at this point even know how much time is reserved...which just makes it more fun. If you're interested and in the area, drop by.

SUDDEN CHANGE. IT's 11:45 Sunday morning and the venue has changed. I found out by cell while driving to Seattle a couple of hours ago.

New venue is:New Life Center off Evergreen on Madison Ave, to the east.

the directions are on me (John Darby) 425-327-2152


Drew Rinella said...

Good luck :)

Kami said...

Rory asked me to post on his blog and, er, I forgot that I didn't know his password. Doh! So, anyone in the area who'd like to attend the seminar--the location has been changed and Rory doesn't know where it is. He's supposed to call when he gets to Everett. If you know our cell phone #, you can reach Rory via that phone number today. Otherwise, best bet is to try to contact the organizers in some way. Google? Or maybe they'll put the new location on a window or something.

Good luck!

Patrick Parker said...
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Patrick Parker said...

Hey, Rory,

I have posed a quickie question on my blog related to pretty much your whole blog. That is, the idea of how much of what we do we do out of a sense of tradition and how much is driven by pragmatism.

There are already several good threads of discussion going on in the comments. You might enjoy checking it out. I know I'd love to read y'all's opinions...