Friday, June 27, 2008

Catch Up

So much going on, so much to write.

Beautiful (muggy, sweaty, humid) Washington DC. Not enough time see the one tourist attraction that interests me, the Smithsonian. Just busy. Paperwork. Equipment. Demonstrate ability with a couple of weapons and familiarize with another. Size up the others. Size up the organization.

I'm amazed and a little disturbed about the obsession with money that a few display. It's a factor, no doubt, but I feel my own obsession with the challenge; I try to guess which of my preconceptions will fall in the next years. How different will I be? What will I learn? What do I assume is impossible that will seem easy by the end of the year?

The reviews on the book are good. It's getting discussed on the Uechi message board and Steve Perry was kind. Had the first e-mail accusing me of changing a life. Nice. Powerful. A little scary.

If you have e-mailed me I will get back to you, for some reason I have the internet, can get e-mail, but not send it.

Got to play with Dana Sheets and her students last night. An Uechi-ka with a very interesting mind it was wonderful to finally meet her in person and to get a few hints of things that I can work on for the next year or so- a way to control my breathing; a way to think about motion; an observation about how I move when I fight or throw that I can't seem to do when striking air. Her dojo has a good feel, serious but caring. Her family is wonderful.

Tired. About twelve hours sleep since Tuesday. More things to do.


Kami said...

I'm glad you had a chance to blog.

When my sister went to D.C. she literally missed her plane (by about five minutes--she honestly tried to make it) because she wanted to see some of the sights. She didn't even try to visit the Smithsonian either because she was there for a quick overnight, but she got to see some of the monuments and historical homes. Apparently she got stuck in a line and then it took her longer than expected to get a taxi. Oops.

She said one monument was smaller than she expected and the other was huge--much larger than she expected. I don't remember which was which but I think the two were the Washington monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Or something like that. But you probably wouldn't like either of those. I hear they're ridiculously crowded year-round.

Steve Perry said...

The one time I was in D.C. I had only a few hours, was down from Baltimore, so I ran -- literally at times -- through as many of the places i wanted to see as I could: Couple of the Smith's, the aircraft, the Hope Diamond; the Library of Congress; saw the copy of the Declaration of Independence that's under glass and inert gas. The Vietnam Memorial. That wall is stunning to see up close.

Steal an hour or two and go look. They are powerful symbols and worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

Spent the night on the Mall once for a gathering. Woke up at sunrise, near froze to death and took off walking. Got to the Korean War Veterans Memorial just as the sun was lighting the mist from the morning dew. Probably about 75 people milling around-you could hear a pin drop-total silence. One of those moments that burn into your mind. Enjoy the time while you have it.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you had a moment to blog...

My best memory of DC was sunrise at the apex corner of the Vietnam Memorial. Wow....made quite an impression. I got all of 30 minutes in the Smithsonian - I chose the natural history museum and literally ran through it. The cherry blossoms were nice too....I hope you get a chnce to take in a few more sights befor you really get down to business!

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

It's good to know you are still there :) You have me envious...DC is a place I've always wanted to see...many pieces of things that were/are important seem to stop there :)
Take Care, Sondra