Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Usually Don't Respond to Tags...

Four Lies and a Truth

I don’t do tags. I don’t join groups or causes or games on FaceBook. But Pat did this one and I find myself still thinking about it, so here are five statements. One is the truth, the rest are lies.

1) My Arabic nickname in Baghdad was ‘Jrade Naghal’. Rat Bastard. ‘Shaitan’ was already taken.

2) I don’t dream about people I know and even in my dreams, I’m faithful to my wife. Consequently, I haven’t finished an erotic dream in over twenty years.

3) Despite hundreds of Use of Force incidents, I have never been subjected to an Internal Affairs investigation.

4) The only person who has ever put me down with one punch was my father.

5) I hate eggplant in all of its forms. Terrible taste, terrible texture.


Patrick Parker said...

HA! I didn't particularly figure you for a meme type guy. I'm flattered that you participated (flattered that you read my blog).

RE: "still thinking about it." I guess that's the nature of a meme.

"Rat Bastard" has to be true. The eggplant thing must be false. Those are my bets and I'm sticking to them.

Unknown said...

He has already posted about the first sentence of #2.

Molly said...

I can vouch for the eggplant thing. You could basically insert any vegatation into the sentence, although he will eat somethings that have not walked the earth, he is pretty much a carnivore.

Unknown said...

When you say "finish an erotic dream"...what does that mean, exactly?