Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knee Brace

The Doc doesn't care for my life style.  Why didn't I make an appointment right after the injury?  Because I was out of the country.  Shouldn't be walking (or able to). Sorry, got stuff to do.  We need to schedule a surgery.... Booked through October.  How's October?

Have to rethink things.  The knee is unstable.  Reflexive, casual, regular walking it has collapsed in three different directions.  So I have to pay attention all the time.  The walking my dad taught me for stalking deer seems to protect it best, but it is slow.  The chaos of play (much less fighting) is risky.  I'm actually sitting on the edge of a career-ending injury.  Yeah, definitely have to rethink.

Be an adult.  Demonstrate less.  Play less (and my stomach knots up at that thought.)  I never really wanted to teach.  I don't get an ego-boo out of people calling me 'sensei' it actually makes me feel awkward and shy.  I'm Rory.  Standing in front of a class changes nothing.  Still just Rory. Sometimes the responsibility of teaching feels like a weight. Especially when the students invest too much in the (IMO completely wrong-headed) student/teacher relationship. My first formal class was simply because I had run out of people locally who could play the game the way I wanted to.  I knew if I wanted partners that could hang, I'd have to create them.  I only ever taught because I wanted to play better.

Be an adult.  Limit risks.  Limit chaos.  Try to teach chaos while avoiding it.  Which is okay, because avoiding is the best strategy for chaos. But reveling in it is the second best.  Focus the classes on the lectures and data dump.  And that's okay, too.  I know it's the important part.  Most people who train have fine physical skills.  The physical stuff is easy.  Will is hard.  Foresight takes some practice...

So the next few months a big bulky brace and a shiny new cane.  Hmmmmm.  Never really got into training with a cane.  Opportunity.


Richard said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. Speaking about the cane reminds of the TV show 'House' where Dr. House walks around a hospital solving medical mysteries.

Perhaps you could do the same. Just not medical mysteries though.

Scott said...

Have fun with the cane. Take it easy with abaniko practice; very short road to tendonitis. Boggling fencers with it causes giggling-induced helplessness too. ;-)

David Kafri said...

Always told my students they only have one knee - if one goes, the other can cover for it. Watch the injured one carefully. You don't want to mess it up more.

I had injured my knees in the Army (nothing heroic) and had surgery on one, then refused to let anyone get near the other... I can only suggest you try anything reasonable before you let them near you with a scalpel. Tai-chi helped me alot, maybe something can help you. You have time before October...

Be well, man.

Mike Panian said...

To suffer the diminishing of our bodies without incurring a diminishing of spirit. There is more here than a knee methinks.

Lots to think about. Good wishes to you.


Thomas M. said...

Doesn't the doc care about your life-style? Or do you care more about your life-style and the dates you scheduled than your health?

Don't ruin your body for a few seminars this year. Your life is probably going to be a few years longer than October this year. It's going to be more fun with a not-too-broken knee... And you will longer be able to teach seminars at all.

It sucks but I'm pretty sure that most martial artists can understand the problems of injuries and the need for surgery. We needed an ambulance twice the last 1.5 weeks. Injuries happens. But people need the time and treatment to heal (if healing is even possible, it's not like the chance for that is always given).

Are you at least somewhat sure you can guard the knee for the next few months?

Just a few thoughts.

Kai Jones said...

I hope you have rapid healing.

I'm facing some physical therapy myself soon, to help with the current bout of vertigo (likely caused by CPAP use).

Kai Jones said...
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Jake said...

As someone who has done serious damage to himself on several occasions by NOT stopping when I should have...stop. I know it kills the ego, but stop. Rest. Enjoy coaching for a while. Work on the teaching aspect for a while.

It's just a different kind of challenge. :-)

Wayne said...

As others have said, heal! Don't sacrifice your long term health for short term stuff.

Learn how to use a cane, think about what techniques work and don't work with a bum knee, be a great way to help out others later that have a similar injury.

Josh K. said...


Quit whining, you poor baby, and take care of yourself.


P.S. Some one had a good idea and posted as a comment on a previous post, and I'm going to push it as if it was my own.

I always thought the Superpowers post would make great t-shirts.

damkrantz said...

Rory! Take care of yourself!

I haven't had a chance to make it to one of your seminars yet and I am going to be irritated if you break yourself now.

Old Bull Lee said...

+1000 to what Jake said above. I have been there too. You'll be tempted: "oh I can get up and just do this one drill a few times and" DON'T.

Klemens Dombrowski said...

sounds like you need a co-teacher to take the strain off you for a while... delegation and stuff ;-)

Charles James said...

good luck Rory.

Anonymous said...

Take care of your knee, Rory. It'll pay off in the long run.


Mac said...

Welcome to my world. I went from being able to control a dynamic sphere of 12-15' faster than people could perceive my movement, or intention, to, now, a slow half-step plus arm reach. From being able to squat with my butt only a couple of inches from the floor and then leap into the air, clearing the 4' mark with my heels, 25 times. Run a half-marathon, then do 4 hours of class.

So, I adapted. Now I use precise descriptions laden with emotional content and backed up with subtle, tai chi-style movements to 'talk them through' techniques. I can describe how, for instance, to apply a kimura from multiple positions using 'stop-action' critique, a concept and skill known to you.

But, is one still 'the one' when one can no longer do, only explain? Or is it time to stay behind while the tribe moves to winter quarters?