Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It's been over a year. That's a lot of time to think. I'll probably never stop writing, I just won't be doing it here.
Resurrecting the blog, with some other stuff, here:


Charles James said...

Most excellent, it is great to see that your efforts have paid off and things are expanding, growing and reaching new heights!

Kai Jones said...

Okay then.

Anonymous said...

What made you want to switch to Patreon, Rory?

Rory said...

Anonymous. It seems most bloggers quit over tiny things. There was a comment on one of the last blogs and it was, simply, gibberish. And the person who wrote it was well-meaning and smart and had been indoctrinated to the point that he or she couldn't recognize gibberish when spouting it. I had an existential crisis moment of, "If this is what passes for discourse, I'm done." I turned in my human card and quit writing publicly almost completely.

Anonymous said...

Gibberish is certainly annoying, but I don't understand why you'd have the expectation that all of the comments you get on the Internet are worth reading.

That seems like setting yourself up for disappointment.

Beyond that, given that you often don't respond to direct questions in the comments anyway...why get invested in them?

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Anonymous said...

I keep checking back to see if the blogs in your blogroll have updated but they're pretty dormant too. Oh well.


Tom said...

I do the same, Kai.

It's pretty unfortunate that Rory and his whole crew, including MacYoung, shut down all public writing as soon as some people started disagreeing with them in comments.