Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Drawing a Blank

Making the list for the last entry I had to go through my dayplanner/journal. An entry struck me (I'll change the name here, but nothing else):

IJ- Dorm 12 felt bad right away- Charles pulled out one w/ a weapon and a bloody fight later. No HIR. I had to run the dorm hard for a bit, then do investigations. Interesting and challenging investigation. All good. Good busy day

I have absolutely no memory of any of these events. Weapons, bloody fights, intuition keying in early... interesting and challenging usually means that the inmates wanted to play the "I don't talk to cops" game but told me everything voluntarily... but I don't remember.

Pretty odd life when a weapon and criminals and a bloody fight add up to 'good busy day', but aren't enough to leave a mark on the memory.

And this was just the afternoon. We had a tactical call out in the morning and I do remember forcing my assistant to act as Team Leader and the "Reverse Pinochio". The Reverse Pinochio, however, can only be discussed over good scotch with close friends.

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