Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nothing to Say

This blog is all about me. A few friends know about it and I've referenced it in a few places when I was too lazy to repeat myself, but even if you are a very close friend I'm not writing here for you.

My entry to blogging was an accident- I wanted to register to make a comment and offer a resource to a friend. Registering created this page. I didn't use it for awhile. Then...The very first entry was about the aftermath of a Use of Force and waiting for blood tests to see if I'd been exposed to HIV or Hep in a somewhat bloody fight.

It wasn't about the readers, the few friends or the random strangers who have drifted across Chiron. It was for me, because there was stuff I needed to get out of my head. I was still going to poke at it, I just wanted to poke at it somewhere other than internally.

It's been very good for me and right now, in this moment and place, there's nothing in my head I need to get out. This corner of the world is safe and sane.

Be well.


  1. Good! Write when you need to, when you want to.

  2. You may be writing for yourself, but I get a lot out of it.