Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sisyphus Triumphant

You know how sometimes things come together all at once? Yeah, like that. Last two weeks, every spare minute and all writing energy has gone elsewhere and, last night, K and I uploaded two new books. Two.

The Chiron Training Journal is available on CreateSpace. It should be available on Amazon in a day or two.

ConCom got uploaded last night and is available in the Amazon Kindle store. That project has been four years in the making. For at least ninety days it will only be available on Kindle. I have to make a decision about whether to publish it in other formats myself, or contract to YMAA.

Time to take a little break. Nah. I don't remember how. But it might be wise to spend the next two days doing some internal recon and setting a course for the next stage of life.


  1. As always Rory, thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome!

    Before I buy the Training Manual, is the 'You show me yours, I'll show you mine' deal still up for Building Blocks, Principles and Concepts?

  3. Just checked out the training journal. Awesome. Will definitely be picking it up. Maybe it will force me to keep my training insights all in the same place for once! Great work, Rory. Gonna pick up that joint locks DVD this weekend, too.

  4. Verner- Send me your list, I'll send you mine. You have my e-mail.
    Kamil- Thanks. I hope the journal helps everyone integrate their training.
    Wayne- Hi!