Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Blog about Blogging

First off, you all need to know I'm spying on you. The little counter at the bottom also tracks who has been to the website, where they came from (in the sense of being directed by another website) and the location of your IP address.

It also tracks if a search engine was used to find the site and what the key words for the search were. Evidently "How to break a neck" is a popular search and so are 'testicals + big' and 'testicals + rubber'... which leads to the post on castrating goats, a big newfoundland puppy and being shit on by baby racoons. But I wonder what the searchers were hoping to find.

The IP adresses aren't really reliable. My home computer says it's in Utah and Drew's occassionally, but not always, says he's in New York.

But it's kind of cool and I'm curious about the regular readers in Montreal (Mauricio? Theo?) and Virginia and Illinois and Carson California. And the New Zealand readers. And...

Second, a confession of technical ineptitude. I am not ept. Those of you with blogspot accounts may notice that Chiron has one less "edit-me" link space in the margin than usual. I tried to add a link and the whole thing disappeared. Same with pictures. I'm sure my lovely wife could show me how to add them in a few minutes but blogging is not one of the things that we do together. There are better ways to spend time with people you love.

Third, blogging becomes its own thing. This was originally a place to get stuff out of my head, stuff that I was getting tired of poking at internally. It's transitioned, somehow, from excising the negative to creating something. In a few decades I might know what.

Anyway, welcome to the inside of my head.


Anonymous said...

A Byzantine labyrinth, indeed - yet transparent. Like looking in a paralell-universe mirror.

Molly said...

Your lovely wife does post some beautiful pictures. Somehow I don't think many of the things you post about need a more graphic illustration, they are vivid enough in my head.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rory,
I am one of the regular visitors from Montreal. I am one of Teo's friend, I know you from him and CK (where I also sometimes post),
Thanks for what you put on this blog, it helps me a lot, a great source of small / big epiphanies,