Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Training Camp Concept

Met some extraordinary people over the weekend and had a great training idea.
The people:
Tim, one of the most talented man at playing a bad guy safely ever. Very skilled at the FAST armored suit defense stuff, scenario design, debriefing, all that jazz.
Terry, relatively small, but for quite a while the highest paid bouncer in a hot region, and well paid for a damn good reason.
Clint, who has walked on the dark side pretty thoroughly. He prefers vampires to his acquaintances. His acquaintances are both scarier and real.

(There were others-- love ya, Law Dawg and if this flies and we put together one that includes Sims, you'll need to take some time off work to teach gun stuff...)

What Your Sensei Never Told You:
The law. The differences between sparring, brawling, fighting and killing. Real bad guys. Improvised weapons (Clint got me thinking about them at a new level and I teach environmental fighting). Stress decision making. Intuition training. Slamming and jamming. Chaos management. Hell, probably even relevant first aid and definitely justification and articulation.

Just a three day course, an exposure to high-end violence. Mental, physical, spiritual.


shugyosha said...

Clint's a good man with a hell of an experience. Wish I'd been there.

Oh, well... next year. I hope.


Toby said...

Glad I already got my next course 'bid' in ;)

This sounds like the proverbial 'hot cakes'...!

Anonymous said...

I'm in, Rory. Give me two months notice (for leave) and I'm down for some training.

The Dawg

Terry said...

Rory, it was great seeing you, and finally getting a chance to roll with you a bit. I would be so groovy with this idea. We should really work on this.

Tiff said...

Badass. DFW? TX in general?

Okay, I tried. lol

Rory said...

One of the guys is based in Texas, driving distance to Austin, Tiff. Would you have the resources to set something like this up?

Tiff said...

Most likely, Rory. (See your email.)

Dan Gambiera said...

Hell, probably even relevant first aid

Something most reality training guys don't think about unless they teach a lot of gals...

Women between their teens and late forties usually carry sterile-packed, highly absorbent, purpose-built devices for absorbing blood and holding up even when they're thoroughly soaked. It's not a military wound dressing, but it's a good field expedient one.

Rory said...

Dan- we were specifically thought that military field dressings and those other items you are discussing are interchangeable at Ft. Sam Houston in the army combat medic course.