Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not Bad

Just signed the contract for "Citizen's Guide to Police Use of Force."  I'm sure the title won't survive, but there it is.  
Wrote another section for the collaboration with Lawrence this morning.  That project should be ready to go in a month.  
Waiting to hear back from a couple of first readers on the drills manual, then that should be e-bookable shortly, with a possible expanded print version afterwards.  Might even give me the incentive to shoot some video.
The Christmas music finally stopped.  I think.  I'm a little afraid to go into town and find out.  I can just listen to the blues at home and sip coffee.
Rain in grey sheets outside.
My right side hardly hurts at all.
Quiet, empty house.
Not a bad day at all.


Daniel Ford said...

Is there any way to make corrections to an e-book after you've published it on Smashwords? There were a few typos and other minor errors in Violence For Writers. I would have been happy to make a short list while I was reading and email it to you, but I wasn't sure if you had the opportunity to make changes.

Josh Kruschke said...

Good new and congratulations.
I don't know why they would change the name on this book as you didn't go all ethereal like and try to name it "Rhinoceros and the Unicorn" or anything.

Tiff said...

Again -- SO pumped!

(Blues, huh? I wouldn't have guessed. The backyard of SRV salutes you, sir.)

Justthisguy said...

Let us hope that the normals will continue to leave you alone for a while, and that you can make some money.

wv: mistr. Yes, I'll address you as Mister, if we ever meet.