Sunday, September 18, 2005


Yesterday was a good day. I'm sore and stretched with rug burns on my elbows and a couple of separted ribs. Spent about an hour with Jordan, the first part introducing him to the sword, the second rolling hard at grappling and infighting. Jordan's big, strong and experienced. He has some skill, too. He makes me work and I was sweating by the end. It's a good feeling.

Drew dropped by class. He won't be at jujutsu for some time. FEMA has activated him to help with the Katrina aftermath. He's a good choice for it. It's a good opportunity for him.

Received an e-mail from a friend who has come to understand a piece of my mind, a piece I might be able to share.

Invited to give an interview on a web-based 'radio'.

Lastly, broke through that writing problem and will be able to finish the first draft...

What made it a great day? The dimensions. In the same day there was my touchstone, brawling. Of all the things in the world it is the one I do with the most animal happiness. I watched the next generation take the next step. Made a connection with a friend and was invited to share with strangers. Present, future and past, all growing.

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Anonymous said...

Just lettin' you know I'm still alive.