Thursday, February 23, 2006

Job Offer

Got a job offer today.

A gentleman who is one of the top, if not the top spy in the Justice Department's Intelligence Division and also is independently wealthy offered me a job today. He runs over 40 subdivisions of his own aerospace and electronics technology firm as well as consulting for the FBI, CIA and NSA.

An Oscar-winning director will be working on the movie of his life that is set to be released coincidentally with his autobiography. He projects a rough profit of $350,000,000 from those two projects.

Anyway, he thinks that I might be a real asset to his firm once the Supreme Court sees reason and he is released from the psych ward of our jail.

Think I should take him up on it?


Kami said...

Tell him you'd rather work independently on a contractual basis. You two can talk about it over lunch in Venice.

Molly said...

Would you be a double agent? Or just give up the old Gig?

Rory said...

The amazing thing about this guy is the level of detail and documentation that he has put into his delusion. He has magazine articles about the aircraft that "he" designed, copies of lawsuits that he's filed against generals and presidents....

It's fun and a challenge to interact with and manage schizophrenics.

Good to see you here, Molly.

Anonymous said...

This guy still hiring?