Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All day!

K fixed her steely gaze on me, obviously angry.

Still bleary, one cup of coffee down, it took me a second to notice. "You're in a pissy mood," I said.

She tapped her foot. "You haven't kissed me or tickled me all day! Of course I'm pissy."

"Babe, I just got up. All day is only, like, fifteen minutes."

"So? Get to work, Bucky."

Sigh. "I'm going to brush my teeth. Then I'll think about it."

"I'm thinking about kicking you in the testicals right now. I thought you should know."

I tried not to smile, but I failed. She was both dramatic and deadpan and perfectly cute. I brushed my teeth. I then pretended to have a hard time deciding between kissing and having more coffee. Kissing won.

That's cool. We've been together for over nineteen years now and still play and flirt. We still make up stuff to argue about to stay busy. We still tickle and cuddle and wrestle Life is sweet.

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