Sunday, September 17, 2006

Words of Wisdom

Feeling very grateful for old lessons.

Capt. Whalen (my first CO): "We have only two goals. Accomplish the Mission and Survive on the Modern Battlefield. Everything else must serve those goals."

Top, his 1Sgt: "When you have a hopeless mission, you send your best people. Your best people will always surprise you."

An instructor at Ft. Sam Houston: "A dead medic never saved anybody!"

Reinforced by Cecil at HNT training: "The operator is always more important than the hostage. If you get hurt or become a hostage yourself, resources will be wasted on you that could have gone into saving the hostage. You are supposed to be part of the solution, if you do something stupid you become part of the problem."

Ron, when he handed me my badge: "The second you put this on, you are never allowed to lose again."

Wally, one of my trainers: "If you can't walk solo into a tank with forty screaming inmates surrounding a pair who are fighting and drag the fighters out by the hair, you can't do this job."

Jeff: "The harder I train, the luckier I get."

Norm (a retired, burned out cop who I asked about the job): "No matter what any bleeding heart liberal tells you, three percent of the people in the world are scum. The trouble is, you start spending 90% of your time with that 3% and you start to think that 90% of the world is scum. You keep that in perspective and you'll be fine."

Mac: "You want to hear the deepest okuden (secret transmission) in martial arts? Just hit the guy. Strategy, tactics... it's all bullshit. HIT THE GUY."

Dave: "Not everyone can fight with this stuff. You'll be all right, though. You'll do the right thing or you'll make something up. That's ju."

Also from Dave, trying to explain the spiritual side of martial arts: "The dead guy doesn't get to go to church. Don't read too much into this."

Mike: "You want me to be a good loser? Show me a good loser and I'll show you a LOSER. I never want to lose enough to get good at it!"

Dep. USM Jeff: "Violence of Action Trumps Technique."

Dad: "Use your superior judgment to avoid using your superior reflexes."

Dale: "That was ugly, but an ugly win is still a win."

Ali: "It's better to be unarmed against a knife than go knife on knife, because if there are two people willing to fight with knives you have two crazy stupid people in the room."

Barry: "I'll cut you four ways: Hard, fast deep and often."

Hesitating to close this post because there are hundreds more bubbling just below the surface.


Anonymous said...

"Who said you can't grab the weapons off the wall?" - Rory

"The best knife defense is to hit the son-of-a-bitch" - Rory

"Try looking at people's mouths when they talk" - Rory

"Does it affect you? . . .Let people make their own mistakes." - Rory

"Don't jack the reader off." - Rory

"Coal miners must realize that the whole world is not a coal mine." - Rory

Anonymous said...

"I have had it with these motherfuckin snakes on this motherfuckin plane." - Samuel L. Jackson

Anonymous said...

"That about covers it. Talk to your friends who are in the job, but never forget that they have a minority perspective.

"Doing our jobs well means that people are more free to make stupid decisions and to believe that the world is a safe and gentle place... these are also the idiots who will write policy. Don't hate them, they really don't know any better."