Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Behind Quota

There's information here, if you choose to read deep, but this post is just for me.
I try to read two books a week, or about eight a month or a hundred a year.
So far, this year:

The City of God
The Commando Workout
Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief
The Society of Captives
Jujutsu- Legacy of the Samurai
The Souls of Black Folk
Unlimited Power
Instant Psychopharmacology
Dare to be Great (Lecture on tape. Not very good)
Love and Be Loved (Came with the other one. Even worse)
Mental Aerobics (How the hell does crap like this get published?)
How to Win Friends and Influence People (re-read)
Dark Dreams
Sanchin Kata (in manuscript, not yet published. By Kris Wilder)
Elizabeth I: CEO
Protecting the Gift
The Zombie Survival Guide
The Way of the Scout (I love Tom Brown's writing, but this... let's just say 'improbable')
Histories of Tacitus
Getting Started as a Freelance Writer
Portraits of Guilt
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cultural Etiquette
Writing About Your Life
Go Rin No Sho (re-read, the Book of Five Rings)
Pagan Dances of Caherbarnagh
A Man on the Moon (History of the Apollo missions. Excellent)
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
The Thin Man
The Man Who Listens to Horses
Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
High Impact Jiu-jitsu (Written by Don Jacobs. Horrible book, great martial artist)
Colored People
Judo Skilss and Techniques
I Know What the Caged Bird Feels
The Path of the Warrior (very weak book on ethics in policing)
Blue at the Mizzen
Stratego Low Light Manual
Krav Maga
Ex Libris
Zodiac Arch
Eyeing the Flash
Way of the Peaceful Warrior (gack)
Emotional Vampires
The Dancing Wu Li Masters (Unbelievably misrepresentation of both physics and the Tao)
Sharpe's Rifles (re-read, one of the small sets of fiction I really like)
Because He Could
The Changing Sky
Heart and Soul of Ireland
I Could do Anything if I Only Knew What it Was
Deep Survival
Shocknife manual and Safety literature
Fooled by Randomness
Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity
Dead Clients Don't Pay
Bad Fads
Tactical Pistol Shooting
Signal Zero (must read for anyone who believes in the 'police personality')
Warrior Queens
Stoic warriors
Heart of Karate-do
IAU Procedures
Martial Arts: The Way of Family Tradition (one of 3 books in Soul of the Samurai)
Soul of the Samurai (The other two books didn't deserve separate entries)
Roughing It (Mark Twain is a genius. The Nevada part should be a TV series)
Taoist Chi gong
The Code of the Streets
A Dragon Apparent
The Face of Battle
Napoleon Hill's 17 Keys to Success
The Strangest of Strange Unsolved Mysteries (this sort of book was more fun when I was 10)
The Weather Channel Presents: Tornados
The Life of the Last Prophet

So that's seventy-five. I don't think I'll finish twenty-five in the next month and a half.

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Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh "How to Be Gay", Clive Cussler "Oregon", Soap Opera Digest, People July 05 (doctor's office), Sam Barlow High School student and staff manuals, "Beslan, Study in Terror", three issues of LawOfficer magazine, 10 PoliceOne newsletters on-line, 5 Force Science newsletters on-line, "The Tao of Pooh", 27 Oregonians (I think I'm being conditioned to be Liberal), 2 historical fiction (pre-Columbian American Indians and Julius Caeser in Gaul), "The Science of Being and Art of Living", "The Battle for Okinawa", and AND examined 9 thoughts I figure might be original.