Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fighters Fact Book 2

Yesterday there was an e-mail waiting from Loren Christensen. "Fighter's Fact Book 2: The Street" will be coming out in January. I wrote two of the chapters inside (though I'm curious about the change in title of one of them) and one of the pictures chosen for the cover was taken by my lovely wife and Luke and I are in it.

It's odd, because there was nothing really surprising in the news. Loren was with me every step of the way on the rewrite and he's kept all the contributors posted on the developements. There was nothing surprising and yet I felt very pleasantly surprised, like there was a shiny clear crystal in my head.

For all the talk about writing and identity, you know what? It's fun to have an ego and get it stroked.

Being human is very, very cool.

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Kai Jones said...

Keen! And congratulations.