Monday, February 05, 2007

"It's Alive..."

The present is a product of the past. Sometimes it seems that we don't appreciate our own role in creating the life we live or how we have treated people in the past affects how other people expect to be treated... everything we do leaves so many tracks and repercussions. So many of those are predictable.

A very wise man sat across the table from me. He asked not to be named, so I won't. the subject was a stupid thing that some one may or may not have done that may or may not utterly destroy his or her career and reputation. During one of the breaks this wise man and I were talking about other things. I mentioned how stupid it was for a government organization to impose a five year hiring freeze and six years down the road go into a media frenzy about excessive overtime. The wise officer looked at me and said, "They never learn. You gotta live with the monsters you create."

Yeah. You gotta live with the monsters you create.

Training may be cut this year, because they delayed last year's training to this fiscal year to save (or, rather, postpone spending) money.

Years ago there was a bad officer who finally did something so egregious that he had to be fired and prosecuted... but that was preceeded by years of smaller things, never directly addressed by his supervisors.

Politics, violence and money. Even life and love. We create our own monsters and then we have to live with them.

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Anonymous said...

What you leave behind you, is what you gonna be.