Sunday, February 17, 2008


"What I saw was couple of DUMBASSES who didn't have the tactical sense god gave an animal cracker." - Mark Jones
"You don't teach answers. You teach humans." - Asher Bey
"I don't trust people who are sure." - David Becker
"We aren't lowering the standards.  We're just changing them so that more people will pass."- Anonymous administrator.
"I want them to see me looking; to look in my eyes and see the price of admission."- Paul McRedmond
"Leadership is making things better.- J. Callum
"I think you got some zen in my eye."- Brandon Oto
"There were grade school teachers and high school teachers and kindergarten teachers and counselors. Those were all the oppressions, I mean professions in the class."- Se-ah-dom Edmo

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Kai Jones said...

Just how much tactical sense did G-d give crackers, anyhow? Will ask the resident expert.