Friday, July 25, 2008

"All Is Vanity"

At one time I was pretty sure I had my ego under control. I don't require or like a lot of attention. I don't have a need for credit if I do something good (though it does annoy me if the incident is minimized or someone else takes credit.) I'm happy to be an unknown, sitting in a corner and watching.

Until I taught my first seminar and started reading reviews on the internet. Not only do I have an ego, but I'm downright vain. The book has jacked that up a notch and so, purely to blow my own horn:

Amazon review page. 15x Five-stars so far.

Patrick Parker's three reviews on Mokuren Dojo: 1, 2, 3.

Jake's review on his blog. (And good luck in the upcoming fight, Jake. DO NOT psych yourself out with the waiting.)

Steve Perry, who I think was the first.

The Foreword Magazine review by Lawrence Kane.

The Uechi-ryu site has been discussing the book. The link is just information right from the publisher. The good talk is in the forums.

Yeah, I'll have to work to get my head through the door. Or find a time or place to sit down with some of the old guys (you know who you are) and get a good solid slap of what I don't know.

Thanks, to all of you.


Kai Jones said...

You probably think this comment's about you. :)

But seriously, how cool is it that you are getting through to people who can influence others to learn from you by reading your book? That is too cool.

Jake said...


Thanks for the encouragement!

The praise, in all of its forms, is very well deserved. You made me think, a lot, and I appreciate anyone who does so.

Good training!

Anonymous said...

It's good to be appreciated, enjoy it. Even when I sometimes disagree with you I will say thanks for putting your thoughts, ideas and experience out there as it's made me think about and look into each one. :)


BTW, I still think you're wrong about Hick and the cause of the brown belt syndrome. LOL ;)
Stay well sensei. :)

Steve Perry said...

Vanity? Nah. Nothing wrong in taking pride in a job well-done. Nor in realizing that people *got it* and noticed. That's the point of writing, isn't it? To communicate.

Unknown said...

Okay, 20 years ago if you'd told me you were going to become an authority (and I use that term full knowing the meaning) on violence, I would have looked out of the side of my eye as I watched you do something insanely dangerous and thought you were probably nuts.

But the conversations we have had over the years have always served to make me think and you've just extended your audience :)

Give yourself permission to be proud of taking a job that most of us would find soul destroying and making it a learning experience for so many. Then put that nice warm feeling in your back pocket, sit on it, and get on with the job as you normally do.

Wishing you safe (I won't say peaceful) and interesting times.

Take care, Sondra