Friday, August 01, 2008

Coffee and Weddings

Yesterday, there were clouds in the morning. Dust and haze are common but these were the first clouds that I have seen in a month- high and thin, maybe, but a shiny white. One of the interpreters said that he had only once in his life seen rainfall in the summer. But it snowed in Baghdad last winter, so anything is possible.

A package arrived- notebooks for practicing script, shirts and workout clothes, and coffee: San Fransisco Bay French Roast. This morning has been a little slice of nostalgic caffeinated heaven.

Having a regret. Missing the family is a fairly solid one- but Kami sent me pictures of Mike and Deirdre's wedding. I absolutely hate weddings, but I am sorry to have missed this one. Mike in a tux. That is power, Deirdre! The bride looked great (as always!). Mike is one of the people I most admire, the man I would adopt as a blood brother if I could and it is great, even in a picture, to see him look that happy.

Not regretting the other stuff I am missing- the dryer and pump both went out and my lovely, smart, wise wife has handled everything deftly.


Anonymous said...

You know me Rory, I am seldom found speechless. I am touched and sorry you missed our union as well. We will send you the video as soon as we get it. You were there in our hearts, as we talked about you the night before. It is nice to have the connection via the web and very much enjoying your book, personally and professionally. I would love to pick your brain on a few issues. Much love and admiration,
The New Mrs. Phelps

Drew Rinella said...

Thank you for what you do!!!!!!!!!!