Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sometimes, I feel a vague sense of guilt. A co-worker asked about my family, if I was married. I started to gush. It's hard to talk about Kami without gushing. I don't usually show much emotion, but even after all these years and being half a world apart just thinking about her makes me feel breathless and far away and something slightly different and better than human.

"Wow," The co-worker said, "You're really in love. How long have the two of you been together?"

"Twenty-two years."

Yeah. In a profession that sometimes seems to eat marriages like candy. Over the last weeks I've listened quietly to people complaining about their mates, their children. Sometimes angry, sometimes confused, sometimes just bitching. I listen quietly because I don't know what to say. If you won a lottery that couldn't be shared, what do you say to the poor?

Kami is peace and grace and beauty. I am sincere to the depths of my soul when I say that the universe exists for the sole purpose of creating her, and with all of the universe's infinite mystery,wonder and beauty she and she alone makes it right and complete.

Years ago: "They can't promote YOU to sergeant!" the crusty old deputy told me.

"Why not?"

"You've never had a DUII, you don't have a drinking problem. Hell, you're still on your first marriage. You ain't even a real cop, much less a sergeant."

14,000 miles a way I feel closer to her than some of my friends have with their mates ever. We have had more true intimacy holding hands than some have ever felt in their most ridiculous passions and obsessions. We have done amazing things together, but she makes even the simplest things amazing. Only with her have I felt the excitement that rivals free fall combined with a perfect sense of loving harbor.

When I first considered asking her to marry me it was all wrong. In my arrogant youth and stupidity I had seen a plan for my life: if I was absolutely dedicated, absolutely fearless and fought the good fights and if I was lucky enough to survive I might be rewarded in my old age with someone like this, someone I could only dream of.

So here I was, young and I had done nothing much and here I was being offered the gift and dream of a life time. The gods don't work that way. They are harsh and dangerous. It didn't make sense. So I vision quested and had a dream- a majestic woman, a goddess in robes and crown, beautiful but with the kind of beauty that could burn you if you looked at it. She was impatient and arrogant and asked what I wanted. I told her what was bothering me- I had not come close to earning a reward like Kami.

The goddess laughed, very cold and said, "You arrogant little man. You are a reward for her." And was gone. I woke up and have spent the rest of my life trying to be worthy to be her reward.

And so, when someone asks who is the most dangerous person I have ever met, the answer is simply "My wife." Anyone can kill me. She has the power to turn the world to ash.


Rick Prowett said...

Wow! Beautiful, my friend. I couldn't have expressed it better myself if I tried! We miss you! Stay well.

Kai Jones said...


Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute. And it IS about a beautiful person. :) You expressed so well what I feel when I look at R, thank you.

Steve Perry said...

I knew you were a softie at heart.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...


You cannot evr refer to yourself as a barely literate thug after writing that...brought tears to my eyes....

It was really nice to hear your voice...missing you a lot.


Anonymous said...

You continue to show the depth of your strength. I love being around you and Kami for the very depth of the love you share emanates and is intoxicating.

FIAWOL said...

I can honestly say that you two were meant for each other, and not for any other human. Kami was so lovely she was hard to look at sometimes, like looking into the sun. It is good that you are still together.

barely literate thug? Non sense, at worse a very literate thug lol.


BTW, is there a way we could send you books?

Hardy said...

Powerful Rory! True love is a gift to everyone who witnesses it.

pax said...

You posted this a long time ago, but I just found it tonight. That was the most beautiful love-song I've ever read.