Sunday, October 19, 2008


I’ve written some dark stuff, some important stuff lately and it will be posted here as I get time and access.

Today is so not the day for that. It is a truly glorious day. Maybe not just a day, everything has probably been going on for some time, but the accumulation hit today like a happy avalanche.

My son, who I love dearly and probably don’t tell enough, has taken the initiative to contact a Marine recruiter. It’s not a done deal, of course, and the (many) choices will be his. I am so proud. Maybe he is trying to outdo his old man- taking a tougher course younger (Marine at 17 or 18 versus Army at 22). So what? Orion, if you read this: From the moment that I held you in my arms and took you out in the rain while you were still wet from birth I knew that you would be better than me in every way. One of the great joys in my life has been watching you choose the kind of man you will become. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes and swells my heart just to see the power, grace, intelligence, will, and possibility in you.
Never doubt my love or my faith in you.

My beautiful wife, the one with the power to make or unmake my world has sold her first story. Magically, she is now an author, no longer ‘just’ a writer. I have watched the struggle, the work, the discipline that she has spent over the years. She has always been one of the miracles of the world, a soul that you could feel like the essence of peace, even while she struggled or hurt. Now thousands and maybe some day millions will catch tiny glimpses of the heart that she has shared with me. They will see it in words that she has spent years learning to polish. I envy everyone who will come to know her for the first time.

I learned today that Mike has finally been promoted to sergeant. If there is one act that stirs some hope for the future of my old agency it is this promotion. Mike is one of the finest men I know: tops in integrity, intelligence, courage and even a sneaky compassion. Tactically and technically proficient. Hands down, even as a deputy, he was the best leader in the agency. His unbelievable competency actually seemed to engender fear in some and I have no doubt that it delayed his promotion. That is over now. It’s still a jungle, but the agency now has a true leader, a meat eater to deal with the dark stuff with skill and even nobility.
So Mike, if you are reading this and you are willing to do me a great honor, head down to HQ and ask Ron if you can have my old badge. The sergeant’s badges aren’t numbered, but you’ll recognize mine from the scratches down the face. That would be cool, and even feel a bit like I am still there. Welcome to the club, Sgt. Phelps. NPNBW!

Last, very small, the book hit #1 on Amazon for MMA books (that’s odd) and #4 in martial arts. It doesn’t seem to mean anything, Amazon rankings change so fast I can’t figure out what they are based on... but #1 still sounds cool, meaningless or not.

Great, great day.


Jason said...

It may be a character flaw, taking pleasure in accomplishments that aren't mine, but I love posts like these. With all the horrible news lately, it's good to know that there's a solid backbone of people out there working to make the world a better place, and being justly rewarded for it.

Thanks! Hope you thoroughly enjoy everything that comes to you.

Molly said...

Yay for everything!
Miss you!

Kai Jones said...

What great news, on all counts! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your pleasure.

Steve Perry said... rankings, as best I can tell, are based on copies sold during a given time.

If your book comes out and there is a rush to get it, you can shoot up high, relative to other books in the same category. If, say, on Thursday at ten a.m. nineteen people order copies of your book and that's more than anybody else's book during that hour, you'll be ranked first.

Not much chance of being first overall at, since that includes all books by all authors, and the winner is going to be somebody who sells a shitload of copies. You are up against the real heavyweights who go on Oprah and hit the top of the national bestseller lists.

On the other hand, it never hurts to be able to put "bestselling author" on your next book. And getting five stars is cool, too.