Wednesday, November 12, 2008


40 reviews on Amazon so far. Not bad.

Kami talked me into doing Nanowrimo this year (see how I blame everything on her?) I think the actual conversation was more like-
Me: Should I do nano this year?
K: If you want to.

So it is her fault. I can rarely bear to read fiction and now I'm writing the stuff. It's a typical action adventure psychothriller magic realism erotic cross-cultural love story. 27,197 words as of today.

Single digit number of days before I board a plane for a brief trip home.


Kai Jones said...

So, it's autobiographical, is that what you mean? :)

Steve Perry said...

It's okay, Rory. First is free. After that, once you're hooked, then you pay ...

Nathan said...

Just finished your book. Soon to be 42 reviews on Amazon. My review will essentially echo so many of the others: I came to the book with limited background in martial arts and law enforcement, and found it no less excellent for that. It generally confirms what I've picked up from my own experiences and the wisdom I've received from people I trust; it presents an astounding amount of useful information if an easy-to-read, conversational style; and it is a book that I will be gifting to any of my friends who are interested in self defense, as it is, of what I've read on the subject, the book an application of whose contents is most likely actually to keep a person alive when the shit hits the fan.