Tuesday, December 09, 2008


As long as I am in an airport, waiting for a connection and with time to kill, it looks like a good day for a double- not martial arts or crime, just stuff. Feel free to skip it.

My lovely wife scheduled almost every minute of my free time for the R&R so an amazing amount got done- there was even a little rest and relaxation.

Orycon was critical. Exhausted, (only saved from jet lag by my secret method of not sleeping at all before I fly) and booked.  Mark and Kai- two of my favorite humans; the Steves, both of whom extended some human understanding at a great time. Jim and Andy were far more mellow than usual and let me play fourth in one of their endless debates. Carol and the third Steve, thanks for keeping K sane. Mary can teach you more just sitting in her vicinity than some professors. New people like Bart. Many more names I will forget or never learned or...

Coffee with Mac and visits with Mike. R&S and that branch of the tribe made it up to visit. Kris set aside a class and Lawrence dodged meetings to snatch a few hours of talk (and both gave great advice on the big question- what next?). Colleen- shukran.

A short trip into the old workplace brought out some friends I have sorely missed- and Kurt made sergeant too. Good choice.

There are more I missed. Most of my friends have very busy lives, sometimes interesting bordering on hellish, which is part of why I like them. Next time.


Steve Perry said...

Enjoyed the short visit. Travel safe ...

C.S. said...

It was incredibly good to see you over OryCon weekend. Not enough hugs.

Stay safe. We'll do our best to keep K sane until your return.

Unknown said...

We were glad you were around to visit even though it was so late. It was great to see you and the family.

Only thing missing was a couch in front of a fire so we could all stretch out and relax.
Take care of yourself.