Friday, May 01, 2009

Checking In

Traveling and exploring, R&R with the family.  How screwed up is it to leave the Middle East and get a sunburn in Ireland?
I do have some good thoughts for later posts, but now isn't the time. I'm a little tired of thinking, of communicating on the surfacy word level. It's good to be with my family. From the outside we probably look like a pack of animals, communicating with touches and looks and grunts (occasionally howls, but the moon isn't full).  From the inside it is deep and sincere.


Jorvik said...

Ireland or Eire is a cool place to be, parts of it this tune
" the chidren of the Gael" .very little English in my bloodline, mostly Gaelic,,,,,,,,,,Guiness is better there as well

Anonymous said...

try this on the locals
"póg mo thóin"
Pogue mahon ( up yer arse) LOL

Bram said...

I've gotta visit Ireland someday.

I finally got Meditations in (I had to order it with my local book store, apparently they don't sell your book in the Netherlands).
Being in love is distracting, took me 3 whole days to finish it. Normally it would've taken me only one. Although at some points I had the idea I was re-reading an entry on this website, it was filled with interesting new things. You gave me something to think about for a while.

Anonymous said...

Is getting a sunburn in Ireland analogous to letting your guard down in a self-defense situation? Constant vigilance!