Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doing Nothing

One day off this week. Spending 10 hours in 110 degree weather mostly in armor- somehow yesterday didn't feel like a day off.

So today, nothing. Playing chess on the computer, reading, watching mindless videos. No work outs. No Arabic calligraphy practice or language tapes.  Haven't swung the boken around or written anything substantial. Just this and some correspondence.  Tried to nap, but I'm not that good at sleeping any time.

Short walks. Seeing how friend's books are selling on amazon.  There is ice today and I regret that gin and tonic can't be found here (actually, I know where to find the gin, but whether I call it 'tonic' or 'quinine' the mixer is unavailable).  Picked up some margarine at the PX on our long trip yesterday.  It's weird. Like drinking water out of a glass I had not realized how long it has been or what a simple luxury it can be.

Relaxing is good, a day doing nothing occasionally is good for the soul.  I think I might be able to do it for two days, maybe three, before I started to go a little crazy.


Molly said...

Ugh! I grew up thinking that I hated Gin, I just recently discovered that I despise tonic. Gin, Straight up - maybe rocks, maybe a twist, but skip the quinine. My new favorite hard beverage.

Anonymous said...

Gin makes a great mixer with beer...

Rory, how much longer? Seems like it has been a year or close already.

Rory said...

I've been asked to stay another six months. We're doing good stuff here and considering the economy back home it seems like a good idea.