Monday, October 26, 2009

Admin Notice

First things first. Met Toby and he is a damn fine man. One of the ones who understands the value, and the cost, of a conscience- and can explain it to his daughters.  I was most impressed.

The old website, chirontraining, hasn't been updated since I went to Iraq.  The connection there was too unstable (most of the time) or I was too busy (the rest of the time) to do anything with it.  At some point the provider changed the program that runs it, so I haven't been able to work on it.  Turns out our lovely little macs have a program just for making web pages, so for the last three days any spare minute has been spent trying to design a new web page.  Once all the pages are mostly done, we'll see if it up loads.  Wish me luck.

So, question: for the first time this will include a page of the stuff I am willing to do for money. I intend to title the page "Whorin': Things I'll do for Money" but certain elements (cough)wife(cough) indicate that it might be less than professional.  I think it's the oldest professional... but... any input?

Anyway, staying busy.  Thanks for the input on the last post and there is a lot to think about, stuff that deserves an answer in the body of the blog.


BFG said...

If you're good at what you do, no one cares what you look like.

Prostitution might be the exception to that, though :P.

Molly said...

Got to go with the wife on this one. Funny as it seems, in general people really do not get your humor. Run it by Kristi (face to face) and see what reaction you get. I bet she does that blank face half-smile before she tells you that it would be OK.

Many people in a position to hire you, or not, will be admin types, and no matter how good you are, they have to bring in people that they trust will be sensitive to corporate policies,etc. The people on the street you train will find it amusing, the public that finds out their loved one was injured by an officer trained by some person that calls what he does "whoring" will raise hell.

Love ya.

ush said...

"Services rendered" perhaps?

Kai Jones said...

Trying to imagine Chief Bishop running this by a committee...nope. "I looked at this guy's website, why does it say whorin'? The taxpayers won't like that!"

Ann T. said...

Dear Rory,
Ha ha! Actually, I thought "whorin'" was very funny. Also very revealing, in that: you may think selling your services is somehow wrong. In other words, an ambivalence.

What you seem to be getting at in your blog, however,is something very precious/unspoken and is yes, not really valuable by Amount.

In this world, time is as precious as ever, and we have decided time can be valued by Amount. So I got out my Thesaurus (an old one, that has more possibilities than the new ones. Sorry, whoredom puts you in with Jezebel, pander, and uh-oh.

I went to "Huckstering" next, ah, no, not that either.

I went to Teaching, what the heck:
schoolcraft [arch.], instruction, education, edification, enlightenment, tutelage, direction, guidance . . .

Right below that is Misteach and then Learning.
acquirement, attainment, mental cultivation, edification, . . . erudition, scholarship, pupilage, tutelage, apprenticeship, prenticeship. and on and on.

Maybe this last, since you put the student first. Something in the Learning category rather than the Teaching category.

Good luck with it! I understand Musashi much better after reading your posts. You've a valuable site here that I am enjoying very much.

Ann T.

Unknown said...

They call it Consulting these days.

VC said...

I'd love more on "... the value, and the cost, of a conscience..." I have daughters.

Viro said...

"Professional Services" or just "Services"

David said...

May as well categorize it:
Things you'll do for...
1) Free
2) Little Money (to cover expenses)
3) Profit (above expenses)
4) A cubic shit-ton of money ( you probably won't like it)
5) Will not do for money

jks9199 said...

I'd have to see it context with the entire site.

It could come off wrong... or the folks who'd both be paying and interested would laugh. Some good points have been made about reactions if the page got reviewed by the wrong folks, too.

In the end... Probably not the wisest choice.

Daniel Ford said...

How about, "Selling Out", "Every Man Has His Price", or "Beatin' People Up Don't Put Food On the Table"?

Steve Perry said...

WIll people who have money find "Whorin' for Money" amusing enough to plunk down their coins?

I suspect many won't, and that might be what you want to know going in. Could be your strainer. But humor is slippery, and you might be better served listening to the professional wordsmith in your house and dialing it down.

Having thought many things were hilarious until I tried to explain them to my spouse, I learned she is more reflective of a lot of things than am I.

Unknown said...

I will have to side with your wife on this one too, it seems a bit too cynical to be professional. Just admit that you can teach something very valuable and you should be compensated for doing that so hard?

Fred Ross said...

Ok, the "unprofessional" part of it isn't that it isn't funny. It is. And the folks you actually train would get a kick out of it.

The problem is that it has to go past layers of secretaries, bureaucrats, office-holders, and other such folk who will not think it's funny since they're going to be mildly scared of the thought that you exist in the first place.

Not scaring them when they have to sign the checks is known as being "politic" or "tactful" or "professional."

So I'd go with "Professional Services" or the like, and then a "Volunteer Work" (i.e., what you will do for expenses only).

Travis said...

You could just go with the subheading, "Things I'll do for Money" without a direct reference to prostitution. This is less funny, though still mildly amusing, and more professional.

Unknown said...

I like it. But then, I once coined the term "Tactical Use of Profanity" during an I.A. interview so I may not be your best sounding board on this.