Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Done... Mostly

We were going to take some pictures for the book today, but Kevin had to cancel at the last minute. Added some sections today (every time I go to sleep I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of some critical detail I left out).

But it is done. Mostly.

Confession time- I've had the shakes after a big thing and sometimes trouble sleeping for the first few hours, but as far as I remember I've never had what is called an 'adrenaline hangover'. Sometimes I'm sore from injuries I didn't notice at the time...

If anyone has a source or experience, now would be good. The thing is, unless I'm really sure I'll cut any mention out of the book. I think that's why MoV was both so short and got so little friction- I just left out all the stuff I couldn't personally confirm.

So, pictures to take, captions, indexing... and off to the publisher.


jks9199 said...

What are you looking for as an "adrenaline hangover?"

I've had the shakes; I've had what almost felt like a panic attack afterwards (the "oh shit, I pulled THAT off!?") sort of thing...

Rory said...

I've had the shakes. I've had the dreamy, floaty, sleepy good feeling. I've had the post-incident horniness. I've seen the complete physical collapse. Those are all right after the event. I've heard of people having a specific reaction after they sleep. Either I haven't had it or I didn't notice it. Anybody else?

Anonymous said...

When I was 19 I turned over a Subaru. It was upside down, a little tilted already (I'd just rolled it 8 times and bounced it off a telephone pole). It was how I'd get from empty Idaho countryside to Idaho Falls, Idaho.

My vision went hot pink for a bit, then it rolled over. Had to change a tire, and another went down by the time I was home.

That was Friday. I slept from 5pm
Friday to around 6PM Saturday, read for an hour and drank sodas, slept till 5 PM Sunday and ditto, woke monday at 6 AM and went to school. Mild backache, gone soon.

Maybe the exertion burned off the juices.


jks9199 said...

Nothing I can think of that happened after sleeping. Sometimes a little better clarity about what happened; sometimes it's been more confused and fuzzier.

Definitely no experience I'd describe as a hangover...

The longest/most persistent has been that hyper/wired feeling that won't fade and you just can't relax or stand still... but at the same time, no energy to move or no direction to move in. It's hard to describe, a little like when you've got a muscle twitch or if you've ever had electro-stim treatment for an injury. But that feeling usually fades once you finally manage to sleep.

Don't know; I won't claim to have been in every adrenalized situation possible -- especially since nobody's flung rounds my way. (And that's not an invitation to do so!)