Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rich Environment

I'm going to get all mystical for a second. Feel free to tune out.

When you really really want something, the universe seems to come together to make it happen. It's not mystical convergences- more likely once you know what you want, it is easier to see opportunities.

Simultaneously, when what you want will entail a big change, it seems that life throws beautiful distractions in your way. You seem to get more offers from more really cool places.

Both of these things happen, and they contradict and, of course, both are merely perception.

In the end, life is about choices and I will decide which of these things are opportunities and which are distractions:

I have been asked separately, by two men I highly respect, to collaborate on books. Opportunity or distraction?

A provisional job offer in the place I love best in all the world. Opportunity or distraction?

There may be a job in a mountainous place on another continent, a reputedly dangerous place that I've never been. Opportunity or distraction?

Asked to put together a class for writers, a web-based seminar on violence. Opportunity or distraction?

Did a test run of a new program and the instructor who invited me pointed out that it was a critical skill completely missing from Criminal Justice education. There is a possibility that his employer would like the program developed. Opportunity or distraction?

The seminars are going ahead in Seattle, Missouri and Texas. People in Canada, the UK and on the east coast have asked about the possibility. KJ is sure that he can keep me busy. Opportunity or distraction?

The LEO program on Conflict Communication with Marc is taking shape. It will be spectacular. Opportunity or distraction?

All are simply choices. Whatever I choose will be the opportunities. Many of these I can do at the same time, but some will force me to give up others. Everything seems too rich and full of possibility right now. At least I will definitely be busy.


suopiru said...

Good things happen to good people.

Molly said...

It may be because you are (rightly) being vague on the particulars, but from what you have given us, the only thing that looks exclusionary to the others is the foreign mountainous gig. If the provisional job in "the place you love best" is too time consuming to accommodate the others, or a majority of the others, it may also be a distraction. The real question seems to be - are you ready to be the Free-Lance God of Education that many of us already see? or, do you need the security of a job, and the immediate danger and challenge of the field?

Love you, and glad that you have so many opportunities to choose from.

Alvin said...

As someone who values your work but will probably never fly across the world to attend your seminars, I'd love to selfishly request more books and videos for sure :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is such a good thing to repeat yourself so often....gramatically I mean

Steve Perry said...

Actually, the repetition was by design, and appropriate.

(And -- grins here -- if you are going to offer comments on grammar, it's always good to know how to spell the word ...)

Viro said...

Life is what happens while you're making plans.

Ann T. said...

Dear Rory,
Congratulations on the roads of opportunity! All that effort is paying off. Once you choose a path, obligation and tasks will set in. It's good to remember this moment of free and heady choice.

Ann T.