Thursday, February 25, 2010


I like PDX, as much as it is possible to like an airport. Free wifi and they have the last Coffee People in the state. Which is sad, 'cause Coffee People do some great stuff.

On the way to Colorado to hammer out the basic course for Conflict Communications, get the website off its knees and get this thing rolling. We want to keep things quiet (a little) until the test run. A lot of that is my insecurity. My honest assessment of what we have created is that we have found the skeleton, something that explains the sources of almost all conflict and identifies opportunities and gives skills to handle it. That seems too big, too effective and I want some test runs to see if this really is as huge and important and dead simple as I think it is.

If it is...

It's hard to stay on the basics with this. We started with cop conflict, because good guys and bad guys are what we know. Then realized that it also explained almost every damn instance of line staff and administration hating each other. Then realized that it would give more effective tools for anger management than anything currently taught to prisoners. Then realized it also worked on raising children...

It's like a really good tracking class. The world opens up and is full of useful information that was invisible until you were taught to see.

It's just like the old riddle, "What do you get if you introduce an ADHD former bad guy to a mildly Asperger's former jail guard?"*

Breakthrough. That's what you get.

*Not a real riddle. Artistic license. No need to google for the answer.


Justthisguy said...

"mildly"? Heh.

Dinna fash y'self, it takes one to know one, and I honor you for it! The autie-aspies are the salt of the human stew and it would be pretty bland and tasteless without them.

Molly said...

More of a comment on an earlier, random thought post - Does this mean you are pursuing your dreams? Go, Big Brother, Go - you know you are my hero!