Thursday, March 04, 2010

Things Are Moving

First off, in five days (sorry for the late notice, if interested) there will be another seminar, Chehalis area this time. Information is here. Don of the FAS is taking head counts and giving directions.

MoV broke 70 reviews on Amazon and got my first bad one. That's cool. His argument appears to be that experience isn't transferrable so trying was inherently heretical... sigh.

Invited to fly out for three days to teach some private lessons in upstate New York. Didn't see that one coming.

Got to play with some people in Denver, as well as working on the new program. I think the thing that blows me away about this program (like describing the Monkey Dance in the book) is how obvious it is. Peter Hathaway Capstick once said that it is hard for people to grasp that sometimes when a wild elephant is too close, you can't see it. Your brain simply won't accept something that big as an animal. The students all said, at one point, "That explains..." everything that has been going on in a particular office for years; why no one gets along with a particular person; why good ideas get rejected; why management and the line don't trust each other...

And it is all useful.

Got the official (though verbal) offer on "7". Looking at a spring release next year. Wondering if I should have an agent negotiate this one. Anyone know a really good NF agent? Steve?

Over 30,000 words in on one of the collaborations, about 4,000 on the other. The plan is to have both rough drafts done in four months. Piece of cake.

Thanks for sifting through the trivia.


Todd Erven said...

I hope you get a good turnout even though it's short notice. You put on a great seminar; I had a good ol' time.

Ari from NYC said...

How far upstate? Plan to visit "downstate" while you're here? Would be great to meet you if possible.

Rory said...

Sorry to get to this so late. The venue will be Rochester. If it becomes an open seminar I'll announce it here and on the website.