Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I love the sky. A week ago, flying out of JFK there was a rainbow, except it wan't a bow. Short and straight, a blur of striated colors hanging in the air. I wonder if, before the advent of flying machines, any human anywhere had ever seen such a thing. Or seen the rays of golden light striking the sea in exactly such a way, or flew between layers of cloud, catching the sunshine just at that angle with glowing white above and below, flying at such a speed to extend the sunset for hours.

Today, there was a brief blue hole in the distance. Shattering turquoise blue with so many different clouds visible on the sides and above. Some rolling cumulus, some jagged, the filmy cirrus probably far beyond the blue hole but looking like part of the cosmic architecture of it. Beautiful and unreal. Need to start carrying my camera. Without a picture all that I can say is that in a painting it would have looked too dramatic, intense and beautiful to be real.

And one phenomenon I have only seen here and only at this time of year: If you are driving eastbound on a highway at exactly the right time of day after a hard rain, the cars kick up spray, and each car and truck appears to be floating on an individual rainbow.

Were someone to come forward from a hundred years in the past and see that one thing, they would be certain that they walked among the gods.

Guest post on Kenton Sefcik's blog.

Looks like San Francisco, Montreal and Rochester (two repeats) in September.
Conflict Communications in Minnesota in nine days.
A level two (environmental fighting and force law scenarios) in Seattle in three weeks. Three slots left.
A Women's Self-Defense event with Kimberly Kelly at John Darby's club July 10.
Boston August eighth.

The book broke 10k sales, which I guess is a big thing for a niche market.

Kris Wilder has an idea for a video. I'm in if it happens.


rohan stevenson said...

"Kris Wilder has an idea for a video. I'm in if it happens."

Please make it happen! I have been reading Wilder and Kanes excellent Kata book. A video from you guys would be fantastic.

Narda said...

Love the sky as well, and have a few rainbow moments. ;)

I recall standing on a hilltop with a group of people watching the sun rise. As the sun came up, I turned to look West (behind us), and noted an overhead rainbow receding as the sun advanced.

It occurred to me...that it must pass over us every day...we just don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Denise here. I just finished "Meditations on Violence"--it just came back to the library I work at, and I think I'll have to get my own copy!
I saw your comment on your MPAA profile about heading to Iraq, and just wanted to say Please, be careful.
That's all! Take care!

Rory said...

Denise, don't sweat it. I've been back for nine months.

Steve Perry said...

Keep on truckin', Rory. Great to see people starting to appreciate what you have to offer.