Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stuff Coming Up

Boston is coming up very soon.

The weekend before that (July 30 to Aug 1) George Mattson, grand old man of Uechi-ryu in the US will be holding his annual camp at Cape Cod. I'll be there to play with old friends. A huge mix of skills and insights will be available. It is something I always make when I can, not just for the considerable skill on display, but also for the family feeling of the Uechi community and watching how George deftly handles the personalities. he is, truly, a high-order strategist.

The Crossing the Pond seminar will be held the weekend of August 14-15 in Seattle and then repeated the weekend after that in Coventry, England. Your chance to meet some cool people. I want to meet Iain Abernethy. For some reason I appear to have been drafted into part of it. At least the Seattle show.

Mariusz is arranging a two day seminar in San Francisco for the weekend of September 11th. Details aren't up yet.

Andy is working on a bar brawl in Montreal for late September or October...

Rob is working on setting up a c Conflict Communications course in the Seattle are for October and Neal is working on repeating Seattle 1 and Seattle 2 as a back-to-back two day seminar (with an option of just sitting in for the section on self-defense law.)

Busy, but not quite busy enough.

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