Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunburned and Sleep Deprived

Happily, if a little sleepily settled into Boston's beautiful North End with Jeff and Jess.

Still processing the weekend. I loved the classes I took as well as the ones I taught..and regret the ones I missed. New friends, like Robb and Ben and Gary and Mia and Max and Sarah. Reconnecting with some old friends, like Roy andBruce and Bear and the old Lions and George, the Patriarch of this clan. Mulling over a compliment from Jim Maloney. Sunburned of course, and dehydrated. Tired.

Got business advice from people I respect hugely- Roy again, as well as Bruce and Robb.

Then the trip up north to Boston.

God food (Cannoli!) and coffee. Time to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Full agreement, cannoli is indeed god food! ;D