Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Busy Boy

Hmmm. Looks like the blog broke 100 followers. That's cool.

Working to get two October seminars set up on the East Coast. It's actually short notice, but I think/hope it can work. I really want to do a bar brawl with some of the Boston crew. That will be a blast for everybody. Also trying to set one up near NYC, probably on the Jersey shore.

San Francisco (Oakland, technically) is coming up in two weeks. The venue looks very cool. It will be a chance to see Maija and Mariusz again as well as maybe meet Scott. Talk more with Dale and E. and Earl and Raj and...

Seattle is a go for October 23-24. Should be fun. And Brent can help me with that retarded looking kick.

Also getting something on the Wyoming/Montana border. Date is set, but I don't know the venue or whether it will be open.

October is shaping up to be a big month. Toby is going to be doing another survival weekend, this time in Massachusetts, and that's always fun. It's also a big incentive to go to the East Coast.

Steve Miller is setting up a "Jam Session" September 18-19. I may be dropping in. KJ will be there, and that's always good.

Hope to see some of you here, there and everywhere.


Anonymous said...


An NYC area seminar would be fantastic, i would definitely encourage my fellow DHS/ICE co-workers to attend.

Jake said...

An MA seminar would be awesome, but not if it's while I'm on my honeymoon!

Toby said...

Hi Rory.

I hope you manage to pull off the plans to get to the East coast! I know I still haven't got a link to 'me' for you yet, but Lisa did set up a site for the Mass. Course here
If it's of use :)