Saturday, November 27, 2010


Nanowrimo did not eat my life.  I'm sort of looking for an excuse, but I can't even say I've been busy.  I tend to blog more on the road than when I'm at home.  Must like it here or something...

The book was effectively done at 38k words two weeks ago.  The challenge for Nano is write 50,000 and I'm not sure the book can support that and I don't want to cheat and  write on a second book for the word count... so I'm still expanding with just under four days.  7000 words to go, which is well within reach for one day when I knowwhat needs to go on paper.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the list of chapters thus far:


Evaluating Drills

OS: The One-Step Series

OS1: The One-Step

OS2: Four Option One-Step

OS3: The Baby Drill

OS4: Slow Man Drills

OS5: Dance Floor Melee

OS6: Frisk Fighting

OS7: Environmental Fighting

OS8 The Brawl 

B: Blindfolded Drills

B1: Blindfolded Defense

B2: Blindfolded Targeting

B3: Core Fighting

B4: Blindfolded Infighting

D: Dynamic Fighting

D1:Dynamic Fighting

D2: Sumo

D3: The Hole Against the Wall

D4: Moving in the Clinch

D5: French Randori

F: Fundamentals

F1: Maai With Weapons

F2: Offlining

F3: The Targeting Drill

F4: The Lock Flow Drill

F5: Initiative

F6: Advanced Ukemi

F7: Pushing

GM: Ground Movement

GM1: Roll-over Drill Phase 1

GM2: Roll-over Drill Phase 2

GM3: Roll-over Drill Phase 3

GM4: Roll-over Drill Phase 4

GM5: The Wax On, Wax Off of Groundfighting

GM6: One Up, One Down

GM7: Blindfolded Grappling

PM: The Plastic Mind Exercises

PM1: Animal Styles

PM2: Fighting the Elements

PM3: The Other 

IW: Internal Work

IW1: Centering

IW2: Eating Frogs

IW3: The Game of the Stones

IW4: Lists

IW5: Slaughtering and Butchering

IW6: Ethics and Glitches

IW7: To Save My Children

IW8: The Predator Mind

IW9: The Articulation Exercise

C: Combat Drills

C1: Takeouts

C2: Multiman

C3: Break Through

C4: Bull in the Ring

C5: The Reception Line

C6: Scenario Training

WW: World Work

WW1: The Clothespin Game

WW2: Ten New Things

WW3: Stalking

WW4: Escape and Evasion

WW5: Counting Coup

WW6: Dog Handling

WW7: Global Awareness Exercises

WW8: Legal Articulation

WW9: World Building Exercise

 Should probably add an afterword and I'm toying with an exercise to evaluate training to finish up, but this is the skeleton of the work.


Patrick Parker said...

I already CANNOT WAIT to read this!

Josh Kruschke said...

Looks great!
Can't wait!
Need a release date!

I'm going to stop now.

Josh Kruschke said...

Also, dont worry you have better things to do while your at home than worry about your blog. Family should come first.

kenpokiwi said...

Taking pre-orders for signed copies yet?

Alvin said...

Looking forward to reading (and playing around with)the new book!

Nick Guinn said...

So, how soon can you get this published? This sounds like a great idea for a book. I cannot wait to put my classes through all of them.

Anonymous said...

He COULD get this published in four days, if he felt it was ready to go and if CreateSpace is still offering the 'free proof copy' code Dec. 2 (it's something they're offering to NaNoWriMo winners again this year). It would probably be in his hot little hands within three weeks.

It would only be the one lonely proof copy, though :D

Tiff said...

Wow -- just caught myself foaming at the mouth.

Absolutely pumped for this one!

Toby said...

So if I started a petition, how many signatures would it take to get you to release this as an ebook asap?

Rory said...

And this boils down to an economic decision. If I publish it as an e-book, money will start coming in in about four months. Regular publishing it will be two years. But e-books don't really count towards your publishing credits...but the royalties make it economically viable to sell at a quarter the price...but I like having a book in my hand...

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to have both an e-book available, and a deal with CreateSpace or someone that could print-on-demand if someone wanted a papercopy in their hot little hands?

Jim said...

Looking forward to reading this also. Hurry up and come back to Seattle.

Josh Kruschke said...

Why the hell does it take two years to publish a book. Seems to me publishers are about as bad as the record labels.....sigh. I'm guessing if you go the publishing route we want see the book till 2012. What ever you decide I'll suport you. If you go the long route I'll use it as a lesson in patients.

Tiff said...

Can't do both, I take it?

Josh Kruschke said...

My Guess for the name they will choose for this book is "Preparing for Violence." I just want to mark this down and see if I'm right. I'm not trade marking or putting a claim on copy rights. If they choose it go with it.

Josh A. Kruschke