Monday, December 06, 2010


Dlshad tasted clam chowder for the first time yesterday, touched the ocean and had a generally great time. The Oregon Coast cooperated with fairly clear skies, a brisk wind and warm sun. Rocky coasts, mighty trees... it was all new and alien and beautiful to a city boy from the Iraqi desert mountains. A good time was had buy all.

Working on a web site update that should include a calendar. February will include LA and Rhode Island, confirmed and Minnesota for a week in late summer. Shooting for New England in August because evidently I have a thing for high humidity. Most dates tend to be a little squishy until things get locked in. I'm sure that's not the case with people who have been doing it for awhile and have a system.

Possible signing at the Powell's Beaverton store in May, facilitated by Mr. Perry...and possibly team-teaching another Savvy Authors class with the same. Which would be great fun, I think.

The current class at SA has a very different feel than the last. Lots fewer questions this time. I suspect it is because the subject (Police policy on using force) is integrated and arcane enough that people feel like they have to go through most of the material before they understand enough to ask a good question. That's pretty true, so the answer is to accelerate the class so that there will be more time to poke at things after the data dump.

Doing a series of articles for Concealed Carry Magazine. The first just arrived. They added some pretty good pictures.

"Violence, A Writer's Guide" is now available from Amazon on Kindle. Just got it up. Theoretically it is also at the Apple I-Book store, but uploading it there was so messy and convoluted I neither know nor really care if it was successful. Muy loot. Kurdish for "Nose hair" the colloquial term for a pain in the ass.


David Kafri said...

I'm in the process of reading the writers guide, its great. Is there any chance of buying Meditations on Violence as an e-book, too?
I put the Guide on my cellphone, can't do that with a hardcopy...

Josh Kruschke said...

David not sure if you can get the kindle App for your phone, but MoV is on there. Its how I ran a cross it. Kindle App For iPhone is free just buy the books.
Is the next book (Brain fart can't remember name)going to be on kindle to? The one on use of force.
Thanks for putting the writters guide on there to.

Josh Kruschke said...

"Facing Violence" Sigh. My Brain :-)

David Kafri said...

For the Writers Guide I downloaded the text and used this to turn it into something any Java-running phone can read. for my PC (for the scant seconds I can read at home, and to look at the links provided in the text)) I use the epub format.

No Iphone for me, not even a smartphone, but what I have works :-)

Molly said...

How do you pronounce "Muy loot?" Sounds like a term I need to use on a regular basis.

Josh Kruschke said...

"Moo-ee lut" - "Muy loot" - muy is spanish for Much. In english we would use "a lot of," and loot is the taking of someelse stuff (verb). or could be used to refer to the stuff taken (noun).

I guess Rory is just going to have to put it out in ebook form. ;-) I bet there is a lot of people like you that could use it in that form.

Josh Kruschke said...

Us fans we can be so demanding; work, work, work. Josh cracks the whip saying, "No rest for the wicked!" We do appreciate all that you put out for us.

Rory said...

Meditations is out there in e-format. I've seen it on Kindle. And a couple of other places have it (may not be with permission, but they have it). Should be an easy search.

Molly and Joshkie- It's Kurdish. I used the muy from Spanish because it's pronounce like that and loot phonetically. You should see my Arabic and Kurdish language notes. I mixed German and Russian phonetics to try to get the sound right and it still wasn't complete. The 'S' in Saddam and the 'S' in Hussein are entirely different letters in Arabic.

Josh Kruschke said...

Thanks Rory cause I was totaly lost on that lol. Guess thats what happens when you see/read with filters and not paying attention. The nexted sentance should of told me that I was way off. To much scan reading.