Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just uploaded all of the 2005 Blog entries on Smashwords as an e-book. Over the next couple of months I'll be doing it with all the years at least through 2009.

I won't take them down here, but I added a tiny bit of new content to sweeten the deal.

The link:

Kami, as usual, did a great cover (and she is available to do covers for those who are interested):

So, would there be interest in my one decent stab at a novel?


Maija said...

Novel? Interest? Are you kidding?
Of course you have to share it! :-D

April said...


Steve Perry said...

If you start reading fiction again.

Master Plan said...

"So, would there be interest in my one decent stab at a novel?"

Naw...I doubt it. Pretty sure nobody here really likes reading your stuff. :-|

Josh Kruschke said...

Awesomecool... cuase that's how I feel about this news.



Josh Kruschke said...

If it was unclear that was a hell ya on the novel and thumbs up on the e-book.

Unknown said...

Yes, but in 10 years----you have too much other stuff to do right now.

Josh Kruschke said...


I'm assuming the Novel is complete and just needs to be submited. He's talked about it before.

I'm hoping I'm right and that would only make it 2 years to publish.

Josh :-)

Tiff said...

"Stab," huh? That indicative of the plot? ;)

Unknown said...

Joshkie, if that is the case then my answer is a vehement "Negative". He needs to wait till he is older.
Horse-hating Rory (who unconsciously picks "Chiron" as name for his Work--yes Rory I will pester you about that one till you join me in playing chi sao with police horses), assumed Meditations on Violence was just to be a manuscript he shared with a few students and friends (thankfully Kris was one of the friends---------and the rest is history).
People, this is a very serious matter. He gets his writing guidance from a fiction writer--a very good one. Ergo, this novel is likely to be as good as his non-fiction.
That means he will be known beyond the world of us misfits. He will be lauded and applauded, wined and dined by the "soft hands" of the world. He'll be shaking soft hands and will begin to abide my elements of the social contract that he despises.
He will get addicted to writing fiction. No more non-fiction. We will lose everything we like about him; he'll gradually become a "soft hands" guy who does spiritual-motivational speaking. He will like pastel colors.
I do not like it, I do not like it one bit (Dr.Seuss)
Loren isn't writing fiction because he respects the "Dragon of Soft Hands" (Liam Jackson writes scary science fiction and at his age is immune to the powers of the Dragon. Kris and Lawrence aren't writing fiction.

Whatever the case--I won't read it. I encourage everyone to join me in saving Rory from the Land of the Soft Hands.

Oh well, I got it out of my system. You can't stop a force of nature. So, Rory---release the damn novel and go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

proakinGo for it! I'm waiting to see what your imagination can really do. Good Luck!

Maija said...

@ Kevin - Aaahahaha!!I had exactly the opposite idea ... he writes fiction, makes scads of money ... leaving him free to spend the rest of his time (which will be plenty seeing as he apparently writes like a speed demon) playing/brawling/thinking/teaching with us 'misfits'.
True independence.
How cool would that be? .... Or perhaps I'm just projecting ... :-)

Josh Kruschke said...

Kevin -

Thats one way of looking at it I guess. But a lass I'm a junky looking for my fix. Need Book.
Need Book.