Sunday, September 04, 2011

Time to Breathe

Just for a few days, of course.
The last (hopefully) revision is done on "A Citizen's Guide to Police Use of Force" which will be released under the title "Force Decisions" early next year.  The scene list for the videos is written, submitted, and approved.

Filming starts Tuesday in Boston.  A one-day small class in NYC Thursday, then an Intro class and ConCom in the Boston area the weekend of the 10th and 11th and then back home.  Nothing pressing, nothing on deadline...

Except for the Minnesota week-long gig at the end of the month with Marc and Kasey.

But aside from that, a little time to think.  To work on some projects that have slipped to the B-list.  Do some long-overdue house and land maintenance.  Put a dent into the two-foot tall "to read" file.

On the B-List projects-
The e-book for talking down EDPs
Editing Tim's manuscript, which will involve a long talk with his widow, I think
Proof-reading my wife's latest opus
Write the last of a series of articles for Concealed Carry Magazine
Shooting and gathering pictures for several projects
Working on the expanded print version of "Drills"
Taking a stab at putting "Logic of Violence" down on paper

Magically, some of these will move to the a-list.
I might even find some time to blog.


Steve Perry said...

Well, nothing on deadline save for that class for Savvy Authors ...

Josh Kruschke said...

"Force Decisions" ?

They're the experts.

Maybe they're hoping you will get sales from people buying it because they picked up by accident thinking it's a MA book...

Good to hear that it's close to completion.

As to the rest, you know what they say, "No rest for the wicked."


Meron said...

Looking forward to your seminar this weekend!