Friday, January 27, 2012


Really overwhelmed in writing right now.

Finished the (hopefully) last review of "Force Decisions" the citizen's guide to understanding police use of force. Not terrifically happy with the title or the cover, but those aren't my decisions. Due out in April.

In the last or second to last review of the Collaboration with Lawrence, "Scaling Force" due out in September.

Just finished two articles for Concealed Carry Magazine and one for the Los Angeles chapter of the Guardian Angels.

Finished and uploaded two e-books, the fifth year of the blog (2009) and the book on crisis communication with EDPs. Which makes for eight e-books out.

The webpages for the seminar in Port Townsend in February and four seminars in California in March are up and running.

"Meditations on Violence" is at 99 reviews on Amazon. Who will be #100?

Life is good.

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Kai Jones said...

Well done!