Wednesday, June 20, 2012

19 Hours to Home

Haven't been writing much.  Or sleeping for that matter.  Should be home in nineteen hours.  Have to schedule some interviews, get some writing done, review the videos.  And definitely BBQ.  Family time. Create the webpages for Colorado and Nevada seminars in July.

Things I want to write about:

  • Debrief the trip.   Met some really cool people, got to do some very cool things.
  • Plans for 2013
  • Why I avoid groups (just for the record I have only ever voluntarily joined two FB groups, every other one I was named to without my permission)
  • Brainstorm a complete curriculum
Still lots of travel coming up.  Need to work on my time management.  Or, maybe, take a day or two and just be.

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nry said...

Ironic then, perhaps, that my employers webfiltering solution has now classified this blog as 'Social Networking' and therefore blocks it :)