Thursday, July 19, 2012


Eight-hour class Saturday in Elko, NV. The sign-ups so far are all women and the host, Subtle Warrior Self-Defense, LLC, specializes in WSD, so the lesson plan is going to go that way.

The outline of what I want to teach is right here and so much of it is not physical.  Almost all of it centers on two aspects of the triangle-- Awareness and Permission.  Largely because almost every failure that I have seen came from these issues.

The outline:
Introduction and Safety Briefing.  Talking points include:

  • What I don't know
  • Understanding what you need
  • Chosen beliefs that may be dangerous or false
  • Fear versus danger
Bad Guys
  • Social (and types)
  • Asocial (and types)
  • Social scripts gone toxic 
  • Asocial behavior disguised as social scripts

Threat Assessment

  • Potential for danger: Places (including reading terrain); Time; Understanding normal; Personal threat profiles for each student.
  • Existence: Time; distance; demeanor; signs of adrenalization
  • Evaluation: Primary indicators of social vs. asocial, e.g. proxemics; witnesses; disparity of force behaviors; skill indicators

Quick detour into Logic of Violence: the questions the threat must answer and what those mean to your preparation.

Prevention by type

Internal Skills

  • Recognize personal conditioning
  • Be rude
  • Permission
  • Finding the switch
Physical Skills
  • Leverage
  • Momentum
  • Environmental Fighting
  • 'A' and 'B' strikes (A are reliable and require little strength or practice; B are reliable but require a little skill or power to pull off)
  • Counter-assault
Strategic Skill: Fight to the Goal

I kind of want to add self-defense law.  It's not as important for most women unless they are afraid of it, at least not in a legal sense.  But some people find that when they mentally justify actions to an imaginary jury, they can act because they have also justified acting internally.  Also, the Logic of Violence section can be expanded to look at a crime longitudinally, and the different options at each stage.

Lots to cover.  Not sure there will ever be enough time to make the people I care about safe enough.


Maija said...

Looks awesome :-)
Particularly like the subtleties added to the Social vs Asocial section.
And yeah, permission and awareness ... and these:
"What I don't know
Understanding what you need
Chosen beliefs that may be dangerous or false
Fear versus danger" are golden.

Adrastia said...


"Talking points include:
What _I_ don't know"

do you mean your self? can you expand a little on this?

Thank you, deep gassho here. You may not be able to appreciate how valuable this outline is. 99.999% of the SD4W instructors whose sessions I've attended put _none or little_ attention/time on the major part of your material: some of them defiantly do so, dismissing that material. Those instructors concentrate on Super-hard-core physical techniques, maybe a lecture on awareness, and always emphasizing the 'jump and grab' stranger, stranger, stranger.
Sandusky's is the rule, not the exception, in assaults on kids, tweens, teens and women. but you'll never know it in SD classes.

so thank you.