Sunday, August 05, 2012

Paraphrased and From Memory

Darin Yee:
People misunderstand the five animals.  All arts have all five, but they pretend to ignore some or emphasize them differently.  The Dragon is structure and breathing, all of the stuff that is really subtle but has a big effect.  The Crane is about flow and continuous movement.  The Snake is about speed and flexibility.  The Leopard is stealth and cunning.  The Tiger is power.
That's it.  You need all five of these to fight.  At some level you need cunning and power, speed and flow and the subtle things.  Every workable system has them all.

Van Canna:
It's the people.  I worked at my job for a long time but never made friends like I have through martial arts.  When things get bad and the end gets close, what do you have, really?  Nothing but friends.

George Mattson:
Tell Kimmi (for some reason he always calls her Kimmi instead of Kami) she has to be here next year.  People are still talking about the belly-dance class for martial artists workshop she taught.  You're okay, Rory, but Kami is really something special.  Get her here next year.

Greg Postal:
You've been busting my balls, my turn to call you on your bullshit.  It wasn't chance.  Conscious or not everyone involved made that decision.  EVERY good leader thought they were a better XO (Executive Officer) than they were a leader.  People wind up in the position other people need them to be in.

Kami, Robb Buckland, Clyde Bagley and about a dozen other people in different times and contexts:
I missed you.

Absolutely mutual.

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