Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Sacred Questions

I know that there are more, that this just scratches the surface of a way to look at the world, but I know two, and only two, of the Sacred Questions.

What is a Sacred Question?  You probably aren't ready for this, but:  life is about questions, not about answers. Not a single one of your answers will survive death.  The Sacred Questions recognize that.

The First Sacred Question is, "What is the goal here?"  If you know what you truly want, you can make it happen.  If you know what someone else wants, you have absolute control.  But the real goal is almost never the declared goal.  The part of the brain that comes up with stated goals is the exact same part of the brain that comes up with excuses for all stupid behavior.

If I know what you want separate from what you say you want and separate from what you think you want... I own you.  This is the heart of strategy.

The Second Sacred Question I learned earlier, from Tom Brown.  "What is the lesson here?"  There are no successes, no failures.  Only lessons.  And the lessons are everywhere and in everything.


Anonymous said...

I need to think about this

merry Christmas Jorvik

Maija said...

Nice :-)

Anonymous said...

Extremely Insightful.

Steve Perry said...

Got a bumper sticker on my shelf:

"Oh, no–not another learning experience!"

Anonymous said...

How do you know what you want? How do you figure this out? Other than food, this question perplexes me.

Kasey said...

I know I over use this word, but it fits here


Cerasi said...

Ben C.

How does one learn strategy? what they think one wants?

Rory said...

Personal opinion here (and this goes for all the seekers and anyone with anomie). You have been with yourself for every waking moment of your life. For a human to NOT know who he or she truly is (extraordinary circumstances excepted) takes an enormous amount of energy expended in willful self-deception. You ask how you can know, I ask how can you possibly not know?

Ben- similar answer. Pay attention, don't make excuses and you'll see who you are. Strategy derives from goals and parameters. Know those first.