Monday, February 11, 2013

Classifications of Violence and Conflict Part 0

Soon we begin the on-line free class (although there is a donation button).  No idea how often I will post these or how long each will take to write.  It will probably be collected into a stand alone e-book when it is done, along with expansions inspired by any questions.

So, this is lesson zero. Which means an introduction.

The class is going to cover different types of violence.  The underlying drives of the different types, the patterns and some hints on avoidance, prevention and de-escalation.  At the end of the class you should be able to tell them apart.  It should also point out some common blindspots.

Most of the material isn't new, but it is spread out.  I'll be drawing from sections of "Facing Violence" "Violence:  AWriter's Guide" a series of articles I did for Concealed Carry magazine, and the Conflict Communications material.  And if it comes together...

It won't be comprehensive.  For two reasons.  First, the subject is vast and my brain and experience are both limited.  Second, this is the blog, not how I make a living, so it will not be my first writing priority*. Going into advice, specific strategies... that would make my poor little typing fingers (I only have two, my left index and right middle finger) very tired.  I'll try to answer relevant questions unless it starts to take up too much time.

And there might be homework.  Haven't decided yet.

*Current writing project (won't be long enough for a real book, so expect an e-book) is about how to teach cops.
Added material.  Occurred to me that I might lose the bar napkin the lesson plan is written on, so just so I don't forget (and, of course, subject to change) the basic lesson plan:

Lesson 1: Conflict vs. Violence
2: The first underlying model
2.1: The second underlying model
3: Survival Violence
4: Social Violence Overview
5: MD
6: GMD
7: EBD
8: SSS
9: Asocial Overview
10: Resource Predators
11: Process Predators
12: ID of Danger
12.1 Adrenaline signs, skilled and unskilled
12.2 Distinguishing social and asocial
12.3 Special cases- Cyclic violence and both date rape dynamics
13 Comfort Levels (may go earlier in the lesson plan)


Anonymous said...

count me in - aka the kunoichi

Also, I can push the donation button but how is the scotch or coffee going to flow out of the computer at your end?

Travis said...

"but how is the scotch or coffee going to flow out of the computer at your end?"

Paypal will ship him three live chickens with which he can then barter for other commodities

Charles James said...

I am looking forward to this series, thanks.

Sharon said...

Maybe I just haven't had enough sleep or caffeine but I can't find a link to participate in this class. I definitely want in. Can someone please point me to the link?

Anonymous said...

Sharon - the blog is the class so far. Hugs to you but straight to bed for some rest. kunoichi

tim boehlert said...

Rory: As always, waiting with baited breath for you to put out some more material. I have also been waiting for the Conflict Communications book , and of course a return to our area this year! I'll bookmark this and hope to participate, because you know I always have questions!

Anonymous said...

Definitely interested in this, any info is extra training and understanding.

Teodor Dutchevici said...

Thanks Rory for putting this online, great suff.